Amazing X-Factor Hero!

You don’t have to be an X-Factor fan. I defy you not to be moved like you’ve never been moved before by this performance. Emmanuel Kelly you have my vote, as well as the heartfelt applause and support of the rest of Australia!

What a story. What a smile. What a voice!! 

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Sandra Hyatt remembered

Word of a person’s kindness and generosity spreads quickly. I had known of Sandra – her enthusiasm, talent and loyalty – long before ‘meeting’ her myself. I was thrilled when she sold. Was quick to help the few times she had questions. I have enjoyed her stories immensely. As I write this, her latest – a ‘Book of the Month’ – sits on my bedside table.

Recently, when I couldn’t make a North American conference, Sandra offered to collect an award on my behalf should I happen to win. I remember her email – so genuinely excited for me – passing on the good news. She then organised for my pin to reach me safely.

Although we never met in person, I count Sandra as a true friend, a rare and beautiful person who will always be remembered and loved.

Wednesday 24th August, the Lovecats Downunder Blog will honour Sandra with a beautiful bouquet of words to acknowledge how she touched and brightened so many of our lives.

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Hot, Hottie, HOT!

Some of us are totally clued up where TV is concerned. It’s not unusual for folk to record each day’s quota to fit in their weekly fix of soapies, reality, comedy, you name it. I’m at the other end of the scale. Shows are super hot, maybe even on the wane, by the time I catch on. Think Buffy, Sex and the City, Law and Order, Friends… Once I finally sample, however, I’m hooked!

So when a friend recommended MasterChef the other day at lunch, after hearing so many positives, I made a date with the plasma and curled up to be truly entertained. 

Hmm. Maybe it’s because I’m not a whizz in the kitchen. Or a chef’s garb doesn’t spark my light. The following day I made inquiries and found out exactly what I’d been missing.


                                                  And if that’s not enough for you –

Unfortunately for me – and, I guess, the rest of the XX audience factor – Hayden was voted out last week. What the – !! I know eliminations are supposed to be above board, but what were they thinking? Guess I’ll have to wait for the DVD season series to come out.

Robbie’s Headline Prediction:

Hayden Quinn accepts Neighbours contract.

Channel Ten/Eleven, you’re mad if you don’t!

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Harlequin Authors Answer Tough Questions

Let’s face it. Certain lines you don’t cross. Some things you just don’t ask. Like, ‘How much do you really make?’ and, ‘Is it predominantly glamour or mainly a hard, gritty slog?’

Eight of the “newly published” plan to provide answers during Romance Writers of Australia’s annual conference next month.

At Melbourne’s Hilton on the Park, a panel of Harlequin authors – including MIRA/Superromance author Zana Bell and Harlequin Historical’s (and RuBY nominee) Emily May – will tear down the wall to field those tough questions.  USA Today Bestselling Rachel Bailey says, “During this hour long session, we’re really looking forward to letting some cats out of their bag.”  

Jane Porter and Susan Wiggs

This year’s conference celebrates RWA’s twentieth anniversary…two decades of tenacious talent coming together while learning, sharing, laughing and achieving! Special guests include New York Times Bestseller Susan Wiggs, Presents favourite Jane Porter, industry expert, novilist Bob Mayer, and agent extraordinaire,Kristin Nelson.

Other cats on the author panel include Sweet Romance’s (and RuBY nominee) Michelle Douglas, Nikki Logan, Leah Ashton and Medical’s Sue Mackay. The conference kicks off Thursday 11 and closes Sunday pm 14 August.

Stay tuned for pics of the Roaring Twenties Cocktail party and more!

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Bad Blood fans can’t be categorised!

She said it had a purrrfect ending…

Thanks to Margie from New Zealand!

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